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What is TAB?

In March we will host two Pizza and Game nights! March 6th and March 27th. Arrive at 6:00. We will get a headcount for pizza. After pizza, get out the games and have fun!

The Teen Advisory Board, or TAB, is a group of teens who get together several times a month. TAB designs fun activities for teens, host a monthly Game Night, and also pitches in to help out with special programs for younger kids. 

Interested in joining? Come to a TAB meeting. You won't be disappointed. It's a group of amazing young people who are energetic and supportive and not to mention, pizza is served at TAB meetings. So, there you have it!

Another movie night will be coming. Keep checking back for more information!

A little info from one of the TAB leaders....

As always, I want to remind you to invite friends to our meetings, game nights, movies, etc. The more the merrier, everyone grade 6 and up is welcome! Kerry will provide pizza and chocolate milk for our meetings and game nights, as well as pizza and popcorn for our movie nights. Also, I wanted to remind you that everything you do for the TAB counts for volunteer hours, so it might be helpful for you to track these hours and get Kerry to sign off on them!"

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