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Borrowing Items from the Library 


Who can get a library card and how do I get one? 


The Rutland Free Public Library (hereafter referred to as the Library) does not have physical library cards but any resident of Rutland is entitled to a library account. When you arrive to set up a library account, bring an item with your address on it for verification. 


Residents from the greater Rutland area can also set up a library account. Note that a library card from a CW MARS library will not work because the Rutland Free Public Library is in a different library network. 


What Library items can I borrow? 


The Library has many items to borrow. Among the items that can be borrowed outside of the Library are:


  • Traditional Materials: Print books (including large type), audiobooks, DVDs, magazines, and playaways

  •  Library of Things: WiFi hotspots, discovery kits , and telescope

  • Museum Passes: Davis Farmland, DCR State Parks (Parking Pass), Old Sturbridge Village, Tower Hill Botanical Garden, and the Worcester Art Museum


Ebooks and online audiobooks can also be borrowed at any time, using the free Libby (by OverDrive) app. Learn more about how to access eBooks and online audiobooks here.


Online databases can also be accessed at any time. Learn more about databases here.


How long can Library items be borrowed? 


All Library-owned items except for museum passes can be borrowed for up to 14 (fourteen) days at a time and can be renewed up to 3 (three) additional times if there are no holds on the item(s). Museum passes can be borrowed for 3 (three) days at a time, with no renewals. 


You can set up item due reminder notices to be notified in advance of a Library item’s due date.


What about overdue fines?  


There are no overdue fines for any Library-owned materials. If you have any existing fines on your account, you have the option of donating non-perishable food items in lieu of payment. 


Once a Library-owned item is overdue (not returned by the due date), you will receive an overdue notice after 1 (one) day, 7 (seven) days, and 21 (twenty-one) days after the item is due. 


What happens if an item is damaged or lost?  


The Library will determine the extent of a damaged item and if it needs to be replaced. 


Items that have been overdue for 3 (three) months are considered lost and must be replaced.


If a Library-owned item is determined to lost or damaged, you has the option of:

  1. Paying for the cost to replace the item(s) and/or value of the item (Library of Things and Museum Passes) OR 

  2. Purchasing the identical item(s) and donating it to the library. 


Can I borrow items from another library? 


Yes. This is known as interlibrary loan. These are some ways that you can find and borrow items from other libraries:


Any items that have been loaned from other libraries are subject to that library’s borrowing terms. This means that you may incur fines for overdue materials and be responsible for strict replacement fees, if an item is lost. 


Does the Library accept donations? 


Yes. The Library accepts donations of both Library materials as well as monetary donations and other gifts, as allowed by Massachusetts law. Donations are classified as:


  • Traditional Materials: Print books, audiobooks, DVDs, magazines, etc. 

  • Other general donations: items that may be used in raffles, contests, etc. 

  • Monetary and/or assets: Cash, checks, etc.; real estate, stocks

  • Special collections: Items of archival value that do not circulate outside of the Library building 


Donations that are accepted as special collections and/or of significant importance may bear the donor, if requested. 


In all instances, the Library Director and the Board of Trustees have the authority to decide what happens to the donations at any time and all donations become the property of the Town of Rutland.   

In the Library Building


Who Can Use the Library? 


The Library building is ADA compliant and open to all residents of Rutland and is generally open to any resident in Massachusetts whose home library is certified with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. 


Children under the age of 10 (ten) must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the child(ren)’s behavior. The Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left unattended at the library. Parents and/or adult guardians assume all liability for any damage done by their child(ren) to the Library’s facilities, materials, or equipment. 


The Library is not responsible for materials, supplies, or equipment owned by others and used in the Library. 


No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Library building or on the grounds of the Library premises.


The use of the Library and/or its services may be denied to an individual for reasons including but not limited to: failing to return materials and/or paying fines; destruction of Library property; disturbance of other Library users; or any other objectionable conduct or behavior on Library premises. 


Can I use the Library’s WiFi Internet and Computers? 


Yes. Free WiFi is available at the Library and is also accessible from the Library’s parking lots. No password is needed to join the Library WiFi. Choose “Town of Rutland Guest” to connect. 


There are 11 (eleven) total stationary computers for use: 4 (four) in the children’s area; 3  (three) in the young adult area; and 4 (four) in the adult area of the Library. stationary desktop computers to use within the Library building. Users access the Internet and computer resources at their own risk and discretion. Saved files, browser history, etc. are erased at the end of each day. 


User guidelines for using the Library computers are:

  • Children under the age of 15 are prohibited from using the computers that are designated for adults.

  • Library staff reserves the right to determine what is appropriate to view in a public setting according to laws and other Library policies.


Violation or misuse of the Library computers and/or WiFi Internet policies may result in a suspension or termination of Internet and/or Library privileges. Illegal acts on the Internet may be subject to prosecution from local, state, or federal authorities and the Library reserves the right to inform authorities of any Internet activity deemed illegal. 


Does the Library have a fax machine that I can use? 


Yes. Inquire with the Library staff first for assistance. The cost per fax sheet is posted next to the fax machine.  


Does the Library have a photocopier that I can use? 


Yes. The cost per sheet is posted next to the photocopier machine machine. When using the photocopier, users must adhere to current U.S. copyright law. The copyright law of the U.S. (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The individual using the photocopier is responsible for any infringement.  


Can I put up a display in the Library? 


Yes. The Library welcomes the opportunity to allow community groups and individuals to use the various display and exhibit areas in the building. All display spaces within the public library are open to adults and children of all ages and sensibilities. The Library neither endorses nor advocates the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors. Exhibit areas are available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. 


Please review the exhibitor policies before contacting the Library to review and sign the agreement form. Both of those documents are available here.


For use of the Library’s bulletin boards, contact a Library staff member. 



Does the Library have meeting rooms? Can I use them?  


Yes. The meeting rooms of the Rutland Public Library are available for educational and civic purposes to serve the citizens of Rutland. Only non-profit groups are permitted to use meeting rooms and all meetings must be open to the public. 


There are two meeting rooms available for use:

  • The Blair Room (bigger room) - accommodates 90 people maximum 

  • The Calkins Room (smaller room) - accommodates 25 people maximum 


The meeting rooms must be reserved in advance. Anyone who wishes to use a meeting must agree to the meeting room policies and complete the meeting request form

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