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300th Anniversary Window

Have you seen the new stained glass window? 

Local stained glass artist Nick Mazzamurro designed and manufactured the window. It is his interpretation of the Center tree photograph from 1904. 

completed window.jpg
rutland photo_edited.jpg

Print of original 1904 photo

Things to look for in the window....

*The center tree has a branch that is sweeping down holding the book for the reader.

*In the line of trees in the background, one is red. That is a nod to the current central tree, a red maple.

Installation photos

This gorgeous window is the library's gift for the town's 300 anniversary. This project is supported in part by a grant from the Rutland Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, our Friends Group, and Gift Account donations.

install 4.jpg
install 2.jpg
install 3.jpg
Our new mural by artist Alison Stevenson!

Alison Stevenson designed and painted this amazing new wall mural for our Children's room. Look closely--famous characters from Children's Literature have been in our room and hung up their clothes on our coat rack! How many can you identify?

Alison Stevenson.jpg
Spilled Coffee
No food or drink is allowed in the Children's Library. Help us keep this amazing space clean and open to all.
Jen Niles art.jpg

The Rutland Children's room is a magical space designed for reading, play, and creativity. Take a look at some of the photos of our amazing space.

One of our art panels designed and painted by local artist Jen Niles

We have a gorgeous board book display and mural by artist and staff member Mary Calkins. This is part of our baby area.

tree display.jpg
baby area.jpg

Our baby area

Our kid's magazines, and one of our cozy reading areas

unity tree.jpg

The girl scouts made this amazing mural in our Story Time Room

The Unity Tree

It is definitely worth a trip in to see the Unity Tree. This was part of Rutland's 300th anniversary of the town's incorporation. Every child at Naquag, Glenwood and Central Tree made a pipe cleaner decoration. Local artists Lisa Barthelson and Leslie Schomp then put them together into this amazing tree.

reading horse.jpg

We have a collection of stuffies large and small that are just waiting to be read to...

Cartoon Crocodile
stuffy reading.jpg
reading area.jpeg
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