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Excited about the Author Fair?

The following authors will be at the festival:

*** denotes a Rutland Author

Andi Ramos

Andrew Noone

April Jones Prince

Barbara Lammachia

Charlie Smith

Chele Pedersen Smith

Chuck Abdella

Dana Laquidara

Diane Kane

*** Diane Spindler

Eileen O'Finlan

Janet Raye Stevens

***Jean M. Grant

Jillian MacGregor

Joanne Roach-Evans

*** Karen Elizabeth Sharpe

Kristy Kielbasinski

Lois McAuliffe

LJ Cohan

Nadia Han (Calla Zae, and Linh Nguyen-Ng)

Paulette Stout

Peggy Jaeger

Rebecca Southwick

Ron McGilvray

Sarah Zane

Sharon Harmon

Sharon Healy-Yang

Suzanne Eglington

Tom Ingrassia

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