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The Great Pumpkin Reading Program

This annual program takes place in the autumn. It is our largest and most popular reading program. This one has the entire family competing against other families for the honor of being named the "Most Sincere Pumpkin Reading Family"; a high honor indeed!

How Does it Work?

Families interested in participating sign up at the library. 

You will get a reading log (or several, they fill up fast!) and a rules sheet.

Remember: every member of the family contributes to the same reading log. This is different from most reading programs where each child has their own tracking log. 

You keep track of the time you spend reading. This includes reading alone, reading out loud together, or listening to an audio book.

For every 2 hours that the family collectively reads, a raffle ticket is earned. And we have trinket prizes available for the kids


Have you spotted a pumpkin like this in your neighborhood? If so, that family is a Pumpkin Reading Family!

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